17-Year-old Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Her Dad Murders Her

17-Year-old Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Her Dad Murders Her.


17-Year-old Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Her Dad Murders Her

What kind of a father would do that to his children this man is a monster.

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by, Our East Africa Correspondent | Morning Star News

NAIROBI, Kenya  – The 17-year-old daughter of a Muslim man in Uganda was able to attend one church service this month before he killed her for leaving Islam, sources said.

Abdul Hakim Ibanda of Kamuli town in eastern Uganda beat Nanvunani Shamimu and her 19-year-old sister, Nawudo Hasifa, with a blunt instrument after learning that they had attended the church service on April 6, Hasifa told Morning Star News.

The two sisters turned to the Christian faith after they had the same dream the night of April 4, she said.

“We both saw a man dressed in white clothes, telling us to go and be prayed for in the church, but he did not tell us which church to go to,” Hasifa said.

On April 6 they attended United Believers Church in Kawaga, Kamuli District. “On Sunday morning we arrived…

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Report Exposes Saudi Arabia as the World’s Largest Sponsor of Boko Haram’s Agenda to Exterminate Christians in Africa

This has got to stop the murdering of Christians and other minorities.

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by, Elombah

Nigeria: Research by three scholars, Anahita Ghorbani, MA, Iranian women’s rights activist and researcher; Yafiah Assoulin, PhD, Syrian women’s rights activist and researcher; and Shada Al Zahrani, MA, a Saudi journalist, women’s rights activist and researcher, have a exposed the link between the Islamist terrorists operating in north east Nigeria, and the Saudi Kingdom.

The report made exclusively available to elombah.com on Monday, 14 April 2014, which told the stories of the Syrian war and its related miseries, also unraveled the Saudis’ global strategy which involves a planned attempt to take control of Syria and install a Wahhabi’s type Islamic regime that disproportionately disavows women, deprives girls of education and basic rights, and darkens the prospects for equality between men and women in society.

According to the authors, the Saudis’ game plan is not just limited to Syria. It is also a broader and calculated drive to install…

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Egypt: A 14-Year-old Girl Dies During FGM Procedure

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by, AFPDaily News Egypt 

MANSOURA, Egypt: A doctor in Egypt will face trial for performing a female circumcision operation that killed a teenage girl, a judicial official said on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old girl’s father who took her to the doctor for the procedure will also face trial, the official said.

Although banned in 2008, female genital mutilation is still rampant in Egypt, especially in rural areas where many believe it is part of their faith.

The doctor in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura performed the dangerous procedure at a private clinic.

The operation involves the removal of the clitoris and sometimes even more extreme mutilation, which proponents argue ‘purifies’ women from sexual temptation.

The practice has been common among both Muslims and minority Christians, said Nehad Abolkomsan, who heads the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights.

A survey in 2000 said the procedure had been carried out…

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