Will We Ever Know?

Kat's Review

Will the real story of what happened to the Malaysia Airlines plane with 239 people on board ever be known? Each day there has been a different story as to what happened. Then the next day, the story has been debunked. Did the jet alter course? Did the pilots turn off the transponders? Is that really wreckage from the jet seen on China satellite images? Did the engines continue to transmit information for four hours? Who is writing this story? Or better yet, who is not telling the real story?

There is no doubt this will make a great movie plot or a new best seller. I love reading all the conspiracy theories. There are some great imaginations out there.

I’ll add mine. A few months ago I watched a show on the History channel (or maybe the Military Channel) about new inventions being used by our military. These are things we saw in…

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