Iranian charged in murder of Texas student: ‘She influenced my daughter to marry without my permission’

The Muslim Issue

“Texas man”. American media never seems to want to bring to people’s attention that this is not a “Texas man”. This is a common Islamic crime, endorsed by Sharia. It is not even considered a crime. This is not a Texas man but a Muslim who practices Sharia. If the media could do the public a favor and report their stories in a more accurate manner, people would be educated on Islam and what it stands for. Once the public is educated, they would have much better grasp of the risks for future victims and maybe even help to prevent crimes like this from happening. But no. Media has to be a bed fellow to Islamic fascism.

Look at him smiling through the glass windows of the police car.  He is proud of murdering her.


Texas man indicted for 2012 murder of Iranian activist

Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 56, was…

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