Video: UK Salafi Muslima defend Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapping and forced conversion

The Muslim Issue

(Bottom) Many of the schoolgirls were already Muslims. Others were converted by force. (Top) parents of the Muslim schoolgirls cry over their missing children.


The ultimate sign of mental illness: “Islam liberates women from the shackles of slavery”, says one while being forced to cover herself in a black garbage bag to avoid being disrespected, attacked and raped. Sounds like perfect freedom, doesn’t it?

These Muslimas want to assert that the girls converted by choice an for their own best. Some of the girls were already Muslim while others had been converted to Islam by force. They sure looked very unhappy and sad. Not only were the Nigerian school girls kidnapped by force. They were forced to convert, and then serve as sex slaves, “to be sold on the market” as professed by Boko Haram. And this is suppose to be liberating.

This is what is filling the streets…

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