Random Acts of Kindness

Kat's Review

I heard two wonderful stories of random acts of kindness by humans. Sometimes, we humans really do nice things, but no one ever remembers the good things, only the bad.
The first random act of kindness came to a young waitress. She was worried about paying her next tuition payment, her student loans, and graduating from nursing school. A customer casually asked her about school so a conversation began. The customer felt the need to pay forward a random act of kindness; gave her a tip that completely paid her student loans off, and allowed her to finish her schooling. God Bless you, Sir, how wonderful for your generosity.
The second was also a waitress. She was working three jobs to support herself as well as care for abused animals. In the course of conversation with several customers, she mentioned one of her dogs was having emergency surgery that day…

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