Doctor working in Saudi Arabia sign ‘hymen certificates’ for non-virgin Saudi brides

The Muslim Issue

We came across this discussion on reddit. A foreign doctor, a practicing Muslim who is “fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Mandarin, English, Marathi and Pashto, and learning German” is describing how he was handing out fake hymen certificates to young Saudi girls in the hospital he works at in Saudi Arabia when they were being prepared for marriage.

A ‘hymen certificate’ is not mandatory in Saudi Arabia, but a lot of grooms ask for one, especially the strictly traditional ones or ones from rural areas, according to the doctor.

Saudi commentators express shock and surprise that a male doctor was permitted to do a hymen check on Saudi girls (this may have been an exception in his department or hospital). The doctors discovered that a lot of the girls were not virgins. We’d like to add that most of them are probably incest victims since they were small. Incest is an…

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