What it Means to be.. ‘..A Muslim’s Wife..’

sharia unveiled

Mystery woman in red veil with beautiful green eyes

by, Abdullah Al Araby | Islam Review

He is asking for your hand in marriage, and you have fallen in love with his bronze Middle Eastern complexion. He is intelligent, rich, well-educated and well-mannered. So, what more can a woman ask for?…THIS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IS ALSO A MUSLIM!

“There will be no problems” he will say, “you can keep your religion, I will keep mine”. And while it is true that Islam allows a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman, is it true that there will be no problems in such a marriage?

To answer this question, a woman has to examine what it is like to be a Muslim’s wife

Your Status

  • Islam teaches that men are superior to women.” Surah 2:228
  • Islam teaches that women have half the rights of men:Islam considers the wife a possession. “Fair in the eyes of men is the love…

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