Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists Gang-Raping and Murdering Kidnapped Christian Girls in Nigeria

My Lord Jesus this horrible please protect these girls.

sharia unveiled

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls 4

Kidnapped Christian Girls Being Gang-Raped Then Stoned to Death or shot by Muslim Men

by, Obinna Akukwe | Spy Ghana | h/t Trop

One of the latest revelation in the ordeal of over 250 abducted Chibok girls and another 250 Christian girls abducted in villages near Chibok was that they are being gang raped and shot for being Christians. This was the summary of the revelations by Senator Zanna representing Born Central Senatorial District According to an interview he granted an online media, the senator said that “.Actually the information I’m getting, some of them are very disturbing. Although I don’t want to mention but they are just raping the girls on camera and even showing them on video, releasing it to the public”.

Christian Girl Buried in the Ground Then Stoned to Death:

Video courtesy of: Steve Owaduge

“Somebody told me that they were shown being raped, and in turn…

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