‘Moderate’ American Muslim Honor Killing of The Day – Dearbornistan

The Muslim Issue

Haron Elmawri: Moderate American Muslim Honor Killing of The Day

By Debbie Schlussel

Dateline Dearbornistan – When it was first reported on Detroit area TV station news over the weekend that a yet-to-be-charged, unnamed 20-something brother killed his older sis in Dearbornistan, my first thought was, is his name Mohammed? It’s rare that a brother kills his sister in America, but statistically likely that when this happens in the States, the perpetrator and victim are both Muslim (or the victim is a “former” Muslim–like the Mafia, you ain’t allowed to leave).


And, then, when it unshockingly turned out–just as I had earlier diagnosed–to be a member of “Da Religion of Peace,” it was an obvious conclusion that this honor killing had to be for one of the following absolutely unspeakable crimes all of which warrant and are punishable by certain death in Islam:

1) the sister “dated” (euphemism)…

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