Saudi Arabia: Saudis Who Marry Women from Asian Countries

American Bedu

Saudi marriages to foreign women are always a hot and controversial subject.  Most of the earlier posts which I have written on the subject (approximately 397) have to do with Saudis who marry Western women since that seems to be the norm when ones hear of bi-cultural marriages with a Saudi.  Western women in the context of this post are defined here as Americans, Canadians, Brits, Europeans, Malaysia, Australians and Russian.  Women from Asian countries in the context of this post are women from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.  Asian countries which can be an exception are Japan and Pakistan.

In my own exposure, I am aware of more Saudis who may have taken a Philippine wife as compared to one from other Asian countries as defined above.  The Saudi may have met the Philippine woman while he was perhaps in the Philippines working or as a…

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