Obama was informed of journalist James Foley’s scheduled execution a week ago – but preferred to play golf

The Muslim Issue


A loser at just about anything he does. Barack Obama scores just 2 out of 22 basketball hoops. The unwanted US president misses his putt on the first green at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Obama, an avid golfer with a respectable 17 handicap, may have regretted inviting the press to watch his opener as it took him two more putts to close out the hole.


James Foley’s former boss claims the White House knew where the journalist was being held but that his captors showed him ‘no mercy’

  • GobalPost CEO Philip Balboni claims his organization spent ‘millions’ tracking James Foley
  • Balboni said he hired international firm to discover Foley’s whereabouts
  • The firm tracked the missing journalist to Syria in September 2013
  • They followed him around the country and Balboni said that is where Foley died this week
  • Said he was ‘fairly certain’ the White…

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