Irony: Muslima moves to live with ISIS in Raqqa with toddler son to keep him from ‘sex, crime, drink and drugs’

The Muslim Issue

The irony of it!

She moves to the congregation of the most notorious rape, drug and crime peddlers on earth to keep her son from sex, crime, drink and drugs..? How stupid is this woman? She should have a lobotomy. If she doesn’t want her son to grow up to engage in drugs, crime and sex – keep him away from Muslims.


(Statistics) Muslim countries, the most protective of women’s honour, have one of the highest rape scales in the world    
(Statistics) Shocking Predictive Muslim Rape Numbers: Over One in Four Swedes will be raped in their life
(Statistics) Muslim Immigrants behind almost all reported assaulted rapes in Oslo, Norway            
(Statistics) Violent crime explosion in Sweden between 1975-2012 dominated by Muslims       
(Statistics): Muslims are ca. 450% more criminal than non-Muslims in Denmark      
(Statistics) 70% of entire French prison inmates are Muslims – making up 12% French population    

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