(Video) ‘The work of God’: Interview with Saudi executioner who behead 2,500 people a year

The Muslim Issue

Human rights organizations claim that only 76 people were executed in 2012 under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Even the human rights organizations, who do nothing to oppose Muslim brutality imported into the West, have not done their research. Not 76 but thousands of people are executed in Saudi Arabia every year. Muhammad Saad al-Beshi admit to performing up to seven beheadings per day and there are many executioners across the Arabian peninsula. Executions are suppose to be applied to murderers and drug-trafficking but has become common for even small offences. In addition to murder, Saudi Arabia applies the death penalty for crimes not considered “serious” under international norms.
The death penalty can be imposed for a wide range of offences including murder, rape, false prophecy, armed robbery, repeated drug use, apostasy, adultery (for women), witchcraft and sorcery and can be carried out by beheading with a sword, or more…

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