Saudi Arabia: Why are the Toilet Habits so Different?


American Bedu

I receive enough private emails with queries about toilet habits that I realized this topic does merit a post of its own.  I am going to write about what I have personally seen and observed and hope that helps to shed some understanding or enlightenment.

   To begin with, one will find traditional Western style toilets and Eastern style toilets in Saudi Arabia.  The Western style toilets may or may not have a toilet seat, particularly if it is a public toilet.  Whereas, the Eastern style toilet is also referred to as a “two stepper,” and a male or female must squat to relieve themselves.

There is no guarantee that a Saudi washroom will have toilet paper.  The Eastern (or Saudi) way for cleanliness after having used the toilet, is to cleanse with water.  The water may come from a bidet, a small hose attached conveniently beside the toilet or…

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Let’s learn some Saudi Arabic – some essential and useful words

Very interesting!!!

American Bedu


Whether in Saudi Arabia or not, having some knowledge or phrases of arabic is always useful.To begin with it is not only continuing to educate oneself and expand ones knowledge but you just never know when having some phrases or words can come in handy and save a day.Just knowing the basic greetings can go a long way towards respect and breaking down conservative barriers.So with this post I decided to share some essential and useful words.Of course I am writing them as they are pronounced phonetically in English.Anyone who is serious on wishing to learn the Arabic language should enroll in traditional classes as well as acquire some form of multimedia program to supplement between classes.Lastly for those interested and maybe already have some arabic and wishing to practice, if you are in the United States, check out the web site…

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