Photos: Islamic state hands out verdicts and punishments for apostasy in Syria

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تقرير مصوّر عن

تنفيذ الحكم بقتل مرتد

سبّ الله عزّ وجل


المكتب الإعلامي لولاية البركة

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Saudi Arabia: Is There a Christmas in the Kingdom?

American Bedu


For many Christian expatriates who live in the Kingdom on a Western-only compound they probably notice only few distinctions from celebrating Christmas in the Kingdom as compared to their own countries.

On most Western-only compounds the residents are allowed to decorate both the inside and outside of their homes with holidays lights and cheer.  Usually the clubhouse will hold a vast Christmas tree and be brightly decorated as well.

Some residents of Western only compounds may gather together to enjoy eggnog and perhaps go caroling around the compound.

Many of these same Western only compounds will sell Christmas related items in their gift shops.  The gifts are unique in that you can find Arab oriented Christmas ornaments such as camels or even Santa in a thobe!  The stores may also have wrapping paper, artificial trees and some of the other items which make Christmas special for expatriates.

Even some…

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Loujain Al Hathloul

You go girl I’m so proud of you:-)

Saudiwoman's Weblog


In a country where you get an eight years prison term for torturing your daughter to death while another gets a ten years sentence for dancing naked in the street, it’s safe to say we are conformists. That’s why there is no experience like that of being on an international flight outbound from Saudi. The people you get off the plane will look completely different from those who got on. While most women in Saudi wear the niqab and most men wear a thobe, these magically disappear once the plane crosses Saudi borders. Most of the women who get off at the end of the trip will have their faces uncovered and many will not even have their hair covered now that they are safe from the conformist claws of Saudi. This duality is so integrated that it’s second nature to most.

Loujain Al Houthloul Loujain Al Houthloul

That’s why being an individual…

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The Blood of the Innocent: Syrian Children Murdered and Christian Girl Beheaded (Video)

sharia unveiled

Syria Christian Girl Beheaded 2

The Syrian War, funded by Barack Hussein Obama has led to the  massacre of another village full of innocent Syrian children, to include this little girl that was beheaded.  She was identified as being a Christian.  Her attire of clothing, being that of a little dress and stockings is consistent with that of the ‘Christian style’ of children’s wear and inconsistent to that of a Muslim child.  Many Shia Muslim children were also among those brutally slaughtered.  

Come judgement day, may the blood of this little girl and every Syrian woman and child be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama.  The Obama International Terrorist Syndicate is responsible for the indiscriminate wholesale slaughter of thousands of Syrians and must be brought before a War Crimes Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity. 

Syria Christian Girl Beheaded 3


Thank you to: The Muslim Issue Worldwide for this video and photos.

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English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man

sharia unveiled

Acid Attack UK Vikki Horsman

  • Vikki Horsman, 20, converted to Islam for Mohammed Rafiq, 80 

  • She wore a headscarf and changed her name to Aleena Rafiq

  • She ended the relationship when he became ‘too controlling’

  • Acid was thrown over her when she answered door at house

  • Rafiq found guilty of arranging for two men to target her 

by, Stephanie Linning | Daily Mail | h/t Trop

An 80-year-old man hired two thugs to throw acid in the face of his ex-girlfriend when he became convinced that the 20-year-old was seeing another man after their relationship ended.

Vikki Horsman was left horribly burned and disfigured after she was doused with the sulphuric acid as she went to answer the door at her friend’s house in Tividale, West Midlands.

Her ex-lover, Mohammed Rafiq, was today found guilty of arranging the attack in revenge for Miss Horsman, who had converted to Islam during their relationship, breaking…

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What is PIN and What Does it Stand for?

Animal abuse has to stop not only in Saudi Arabia but all over the world.

Jeddah Blog

Whether you reside in a compound, apartment or villa, you cannot live in Jeddah for long and not notice the sheer number of cats roaming the streets and feeding off the bins. If you feel that you would like to help these poor animals, but don’t quite know what to do, we’ll be bringing you information and tips on how to assist the widespread cat population and even the best way to look after a pet of your own.

Sonja Svensek, founder of PIN (Pets in Need) will be writing regularly for Jeddah Blog on her campaign to raise animal awareness, which includes taking care of a pet, as well as share tips and helpful information on the benefits of neutering  and spaying, and what one can do to help the many animals in need.

Along with her team, Sonja is helping over 96 dogs who have been saved off the streets since 2008. This…

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