King Faisal, the king who did the most for Saudi Arabian women

Jean Sasson

Two men destined to become kings of Saudi Arabia, Faisal and Khalid

The King who changed female lives in Saudi Arabia

Many years have passed since the founder of modern day Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz, said wistfully, “If only I had three Faisals!”  That wise old king recognized early that his son Faisal was the hope of the land.  Although at Abdul Aziz’s death, his “next in line to the throne” son Sa’ud stepped into the position of king, Sa’ud’s limitations were many with his disasterous rule bringing the Kingdom to the verge of bankruptcy with his reckless spending and equally reckless decisions.  Finally the sons and advisors of the first king were forced to step in to convince Faisal, who was Crown Prince, that he must assume the kingship.  Faisal was not keen, as he felt that his brother was chosen by his father, whom Faisal always honored.  But, Sa’ud was forced to leave in order to “save the kingdom” and from the moment Sa’ud departed, Faisal turned his energies and…

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