The Blood of the Innocent: Syrian Children Murdered and Christian Girl Beheaded (Video)

sharia unveiled

Syria Christian Girl Beheaded 2

The Syrian War, funded by Barack Hussein Obama has led to the  massacre of another village full of innocent Syrian children, to include this little girl that was beheaded.  She was identified as being a Christian.  Her attire of clothing, being that of a little dress and stockings is consistent with that of the ‘Christian style’ of children’s wear and inconsistent to that of a Muslim child.  Many Shia Muslim children were also among those brutally slaughtered.  

Come judgement day, may the blood of this little girl and every Syrian woman and child be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama.  The Obama International Terrorist Syndicate is responsible for the indiscriminate wholesale slaughter of thousands of Syrians and must be brought before a War Crimes Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity. 

Syria Christian Girl Beheaded 3


Thank you to: The Muslim Issue Worldwide for this video and photos.

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