Saudi Arabia: Is There a Christmas in the Kingdom?

American Bedu


For many Christian expatriates who live in the Kingdom on a Western-only compound they probably notice only few distinctions from celebrating Christmas in the Kingdom as compared to their own countries.

On most Western-only compounds the residents are allowed to decorate both the inside and outside of their homes with holidays lights and cheer.  Usually the clubhouse will hold a vast Christmas tree and be brightly decorated as well.

Some residents of Western only compounds may gather together to enjoy eggnog and perhaps go caroling around the compound.

Many of these same Western only compounds will sell Christmas related items in their gift shops.  The gifts are unique in that you can find Arab oriented Christmas ornaments such as camels or even Santa in a thobe!  The stores may also have wrapping paper, artificial trees and some of the other items which make Christmas special for expatriates.

Even some…

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