Prince Sasson (A.K.A. Baby Squirrel)

Jean Sasson

Just in time for the holidays!

Prince holding a pecan!

Sometimes the sweetest things in life arrives in a small package!  That is certainly the case with this teeny squirrel, who is the size of two fingers, and who has arrived just in time for the holidays! Now, you might be wondering how I’ve come to be the mommy of a baby squirrel.  Several Sundays ago, Jack and I were chatting while standing in the kitchen and I heard what I believed was a baby screaming.  Since I don’t know of any babies living near to us, my imagination went crazy.  Jack, who believes I get overly emotional over human/animal dramas, said it was the refrigerator I was hearing, that the frig was going out!  I know the difference between a squealing machine and live cries, so I rushed to follow the sound.  I dashed out the back door, leaving Jack to protest!  It was dark but I saw something small squirming…

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