Saudi Arabia and Its Christian UN Ambassador

American Bedu

united nations nycKing Faisal ibn Abd al Aziz ibn Saud made significant social reforms during his reign as King.  Most Saudis likely are aware that it was King Faisal whose ruling in 1962 abolished slavery in Saudi Arabia.  He also encouraged public education through the press, radio and television. His wife, Iffat, was active in movements for the education of women.

It was during King Faisal’s reign that many of the Saudi Ministries, Government agencies and Welfare Programs were established.  He created the Ministry of Justice in 1970 and with its creation, inaugurated the country’s first ‘five year plan’ for economic development.  In 1974 he was named Time Magazine “Man of the Year.”

However one action taken by King Faisal is perhaps lesser known or discussed was his appointment of Jameel Al Barudi as the Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations during the 1950/60’s time period.  What makes Al Barudi’s appointment unusual…

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