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A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by Dr. Al Gosaibi’s passing to honor not just him but also other Saudis who have chosen to risk condemnation and more to make an effort for the betterment of fellow Saudis.

Here are some more great Saudi heroes:

Dr. Huda Al Munsour

Dr. Al Munsour was bothered by how widespread the inherited condition Thalassemia was in Saudi Arabia so she decided to do something about it. She proposed that all Saudis considering marriage be tested for genetic diseases. Thus they can make an informed decision before. After years of campaigning and petitioning, she was able to see her idea implemented all across Saudi Arabia.

Amina Fatani

Amina Fatani at the young age of 21, started a campaign to preserve heritage sites. This is especially important as many Saudis do not see any value in these sites. I believe that many great…

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What is Worn Under a Saudi Thobe?

American Bedu

I’ve been asked a number of times on what do man wear under their white thobe.  The answer is pretty simple.  I’ll start from the inner clothing and work my way back out to the thobe.  Naturally the man will begin with underwear similar to boxer shorts which is usually white given that the thobe is white.  He will also put on a white cotton t-shirt that may either have short sleeves or be sleeveless.  And last, before the thobe itself he will put on long white cotton pants.  I have learned that these have been locally refered to as “sunnah underpants.”  Now I need to learn why as noone has told me that yet!


 Some men in the height of the summer may elect not to wear the long white cotton pants due to the heat.  However the thobes…

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