Jean Sasson

Can you imagine the terror of being beheaded?   Probably not.  I’ll describe it for you.

Here is the scene:  You are in prison in Saudi Arabia.  You are told by your guards that you will be punished within 24 hours.  You are told you will be heheaded by a big man swinging a sword.

There is no one to help you.  You are totally alone and thousands of miles away from your loved ones.  You traveled to Saudi Arabia for a decent job and salary in order to help your family.  You had heard of many horror stories of other domestic workers being beaten, or even raped.  Yet you deperately needed a job and you were optimistic, hoping for a kind employer, someone who would not work you 7 days a week.  You are a woman and women rarely kill.  So, perhaps you are innocent of any crime.  Then again, perhaps you…

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