Well said Jean Sasson. God bless you my sister:)

Jean Sasson

When I first arrived in Saudi Arabia on September 7, 1978, Saudi women were struggling to obtain the right to drive, as well as other freedoms.  Seeing the enormous changes happening in that desert kingdom, I felt certain that a new day was coming, and that soon Saudi women would soon be allowed to drive, as well as gain many other freedoms taken for granted by women all over the world.  (Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not allow women behind the wheel of an automobile.)  Although over the following 12 years when I lived in Riyadh, I lived to see many changes come to Saudi, those changes were not what I expected.  Instead, the rules against women tightened.  This happened in part due to political turmoil in Iran as well as an attack upon the Holy Mosque in Mecca.  The Saudi rulers (led by King Khalid) were horrified to…

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